Incorporate Climate Change into Sustainability Report


How might we directly contribute to

global warming in our sector?


responsible conosumption & Production goal (SDG 12)


Worldwide consumption and production — a driving force of the global economy — rest on the use of the natural environment and resources in a way that continues to have destructive impacts on the planet.


Sustainable Development Goals12 Responsible Consumption and Production is about doing more and better with less. This Goal directly supports both Environmental and Governance (ESG) factors to measure, report on and advance corporate sustainability performance. The efficient management of our shared natural resources, and the way we dispose of toxic waste and pollutants, are important targets to achieve this goal.


Encouraging industries, businesses and consumers to recycle and reduce waste is equally important, as is supporting developing countries to move towards more sustainable patterns of consumption by 2030. It can also contribute substantially to the transition towards low-carbon and green/circular economies.

 1) iso can DO sdg  program
(carbon offset + External engagement)

ISO has published more than 22,000 International Standards and related documents that represent globally recognised guidelines and frameworks based on international collaboration. Built around consensus, they provide a solid base on which innovation can thrive and are essential tools to help governments, industry and consumers contribute to the achievement of every one of the Sustainability Development Goals.


The purpose of a business is to create and keep customers. Take an ISO certification process position not only on standards but also on social and environmental issues—and make sure it’s consistent with the company’s actions in the public. There are more than 600 standards that contribute directly to achieving the SDGs. Qualified (align with SDG 12) ISO holders and ClimateDo will plant additional trees around the world in order to balance out (offset) carbon footprint and reinforce this strategic alignment to public through the URL shortener

2) world record corporate holder 
(carbon offset +  reputation)

Using art to raise public awareness for climate change! This is an attempt to have the most people (e.g., over 1,000 pax) join a ''Recycled Snaps" virtual event. We have official permission from the SDG World Records to perform this event. Beyond snapping, the shared world record corporate holders and ClimateDo will plant trees in a challenged pattern in order to balance out (offset) carbon footprint.


More Record Breakings mean Sustainability improves around the World!

To further explore the climate-related solutions for enterprise,  please contact:


The purpose of a business is to create and keep customers, and Generation Z (born between 1996 and 2011) is to become the largest consumer market. Surveys of Gen Z members has shown that 73% of them are willing to pay more for sustainability, a majority of which were willing to pay up to a 10% premium.


92% of Gen Z consumers would switch to a brand that supports sustainability issues over one that does not. Business runs the risk of becoming disconnected from its consumers and industrial trends if they don't support Gen Z's responsible consumption.

change medal for responsible production (Disclosure of evidence)

Participating enterprises may be nominated for the Change Medal for Responsible Production (SDG12) in recognition of their achievements in "doing more and better with less" and raising public awareness of climate change. The recognition series includes ESG Prize, Philanthropy Prize, and Sustainability Prize.

3) change for circular program
(carbon offset + both external & internal engagement)

Our customers (external or internal) are becoming more and more concerned with the environmental issues we face in the world around us. With the Change for Circular Program, it is easy to show all stakeholders how a company supports sustainability. Participating companies and ClimateDo will plant trees around the World for each subprogram below.

Change is not easy but it is possible! These ClimateDo flexible program series for ESG Strategy provide a convenient way to incorporate climate change into your sustainability report. No matter your business model, from traditional to digital, transaction to subscription, or single sector to multi-sector, organisations who are striving to create sustainable prosperity cannot survive without a solid business environment.

 3.A) Change Message from Leader


 3.B) Train-The-Trainer: Company's Sustainability Ambassador


 3.C) Tasting your own food

Besides recycling and reducing waste, offsetting our own CO2 emissions is one way we can play an important part. It is surprising how many climate-​harming CO2  emissions arise when living, working and playing. Planting trees increases the amount of CO2 absorbed and is an action that is easy for everyone to understand.

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